The transmission system DIRECTPRESENTER allows us to synchronize audio and video with a wide range of files simultaneously, such as, JPEG, GIF, PNG e SWF (Flash) providing much better presentations with interactivity functions.

Targeting this objective, the costumers are going to experience an outstanding presentation through the internet, where they can interact, follow, visualize the material as if they were there, training or course, asking question, answering survey among other facilities. And through modern techniques for live or on demand transmission costumers do it while watching the video.

Live or on demand, DIRECT PRESENTER is number 1 solution for webcasting in Brazil. Not only for the fact that it is developed in Brazil with our own technology but for its harmonious and optimized set we reach with hardware, software, infrastructure, support and service.

Having the DIRECTPRESENTER webcasting services contracted it is certain to have a successful event, course or training that reaches your purposes and objectives with satisfaction and support that the group DIRECTWEB always offers to its clients for over 25 years.